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Russian company 3Detection Labs was founded in January 2005 under the scientific guidance of the Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor of Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman Kolyuchkin V.Y. The basis of scientific research group is formed by graduating, postgraduate and undergraduate students of the leading universities of the Russian Federation.

We specialize in innovation industrial projects in the field of high-tech opto-electronic devices, video surveillance systems and technical vision, as well as safety protection systems using biometrical recognition by 3D image of an object.

During a considerably short period of time the specialists of our company have developed a series of brand new solutions in the field of safety protection.

3D scanner 3D Guard is designated for creating a 3D image of an object placed in front of it, and can be used in biometric face recognition by its 3D image. Compared to the existing analogues, 3D Guard scanner possesses some unique characteristics, such as: emission of light sources used in the lighting system is safe and invisible for a human sight, fully original algorithms of signal processing which allow to achieve very high precision of 3D image creation.

Panoramic camera Hemisphere Viewer employs an original nozzle developed by our specialists. The nozzle consists o mirror and lens which allow it to realize hemisphere vision of the area, eg. 360 across and 180 . One such camera can substitute four usual cameras, the camera doesnt have a dead area or any movable parts. With the help of a specific algorithm the image received from such camera can be transformed into a more usual for the human eye panoramic picture.

The firmware system Vizir consists of two cameras. One of them is a panoramic Hemisphere Viewer camera, but the main purpose of this camera is to guide the second rotary hi-resolution dome camera. It is enough to set a point in the supervised area, and the dome camera momentarily turns to that direction and sets the necessary magnification. This provides a detailed view of any object in the supervised area and even further. At the present moment the specialists of our company are working on development of a hi-tech robotic dome camera.

The new direction in companys developments are mobile robots of various positioning for work in extreme conditions and of a special use.

Our company participates in Federal program Dozor-Antiterror and our specialists have developed a hydro-stabilized camera for high-altitude video surveillance which is successfully operating in the city of Perm at the present moment.

3Detection Labs participates in the state program Electronic passports in Russia.

At the present moment the company is creating its own base for producing experimental samples of equipment as well as prototyping of new developments.

Research and engineering staff of the company sets as the main goal the development, production and promotion on the Russian market of the newest high-tech solutions in the field of specialized opto-electronic devices, safety protection systems and robotic systems, which are highly competitive and surpass the foreign analogues in many ways. It is possible for our team can accomplish any task in the field.

Our company is open to various forms of cooperation, OEM and orders for development of specific systems as well as participation in joint complex projects.


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